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Yves Montand


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The stage is set. The audience is eager to see the show. Could France have its very own Ronald Reagan? 
Yves Montand is the most popular man in his country. His voice and his acting have captivated fans for years. His charm even seduced Marilyn Monroe. 
With 20% of the public's support, he is now entertaining the idea of becoming the President of France. His electoral formula for success is strikingly similar to Ronald Reagan's: a famous man saying that things ought to be better. 
But there is one important difference between Montand and Reagan. Reagan dreamed of taking office right from his early years. The French star admits that he has never had presidential ambitions and doesn't like the idea of having high-level responsibility.
60 Minutes visited Yves Montand to see why France's most reluctant politician could have a good chance of becoming its president.


William K. McClure

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Anne de Boismilon


Harry Reasoner

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CBS News, 60 Minutes