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The Palace Hotel


13 minutes - English

A Rolls Royce awaits you at the train station. You've arrived at one of Europe's best ski resorts. But you're not just here for the slopes. You're on your way to Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, 'the best hotel in the world'. 
While many hotels offer luxury rooms and delicious food surrounded by nature, the Palace is different. Its superiority is in its ambiance, personalized comfort and snob-appeal that has attracted Russian Grand Dukes and film stars during the 1930’s. Now, it is wealthy Americans who want to experience the European high-life.
60 Minutes went to St. Moritz to see if the Palace is truly 'the best hotel in the world'.


William McClure

Associate Producer

Anne de Boismilon


Harry Reasoner

First broadcast

CBS News, 60 Minutes