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The Moscow Mystique


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Soviet women can blame their grumpy, malnourished husbands for many of their problems. 
But it won't make their lives any better. Young or old, these women could be loved. But they don't feel respected, and it's starting to show.
It all starts at marriage. Tying the knot can help get them an apartment and start a family. But between several low-paying jobs (women make up 53% of the Soviet workforce), raising children and waiting in line for basic necessities, modern life is hard for women in Moscow. 
In the bedroom, the situation is even worse. 
Given the Soviet taboo on contraception, many women have several abortions each year which are very painful due to the use of outdated medical equipment. Many Russian couples also live with their in-laws, which doesn't help their sex lives either.
60 Minutes went to Moscow to see why Soviet women are having such a tough time.


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