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The Gurkhas


14 minutes - English

They are called the 'best soldiers' in the world for a reason.
Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Brigade of Gurkhas are from the best boot camp in the world. They are naturally disciplined, courageous fighters and also respectful of authority.
But the Nepalese men who make up the Brigade give the British something else that money can't buy: loyalty. As the sons and grandsons of former Gurkhas keep joining every year, a new generation of soldiers continue the legacy.
60 Minutes visited the Brigade of Gurkhas in Nepal, Hong Kong and at their headquarters in Church Cookham, England to see what makes this part of the British Army so special.


William McClure

Associate Producer

Anne de Boismilon


Harry Reasoner

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CBS News, 60 Minutes