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Back To Palermo


13 minutes - English

The 60 Minutes team found Felicia Mazzola's husband Emanuel dead during our last trip to Palermo.
The mafia shot him 5 times in broad daylight. Two months later, Felicia's father was killed, before her uncle was murdered as well. The Mafia's 'code of silence' meant that nobody could testify to seeing or hearing anything, including Felicia herself.
But Palermo's newest mayor, Leoluca Orlando, is determined to break the silence. He represents a city whose responsible citizens are looking to take their city back from the Mafia despite the risk of being killed.
60 Minutes went back to Palermo and spoke with Mayor Orlando, courageous residents and public officials who openly oppose the grip of organized crime on their daily lives


Anne de Boismilon


Harry Reasoner

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